Glimpses downloads your photos in the highest accessible resolution for the best possible video output.

Add as many as you like, select only the portions you need with Glimpses’ easy-to-use selection view.

Import photos from your hard drive,  your Photos library, Flickr

or Instagram.

Your videos will benefit greatly

from a soundtrack.

Glimpses will render a

high-quality Still Motion video with

a resolution of up to 4K.

Glimpses does a lot of automatic configuration, but puts the power

in your hands.




Glimpses was formerly known as Briefly

Music used with permission from smokegrapes; title: renuhh

Any access tokens required for use of flickr or Instagram are solely stored on your device when you use those features.

Glimpses for Mac
Your Photos. Your Music. Your Story.

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OS X Yosemite 10.10 or newer required

It’s fun and simple to use.

KrisMuse, US App Store

Impressive. A whole world of possibilities.

Yet Another Unique Nickname, UK App Store

Fast and minimalistic.

bananelamponi, Italian App Store

A competent movie app for creating still motion videos.

Christopher Phin, MacFormat (Print)

I made a video in less than five minutes after downloading the app. So ridiculously easy.

Rebecca Armstrong,

I really love this little app (...) and it doesn’t try to do too much.

James Dempsey,

Glimpses for Mac
OS X Yosemite 10.10 or newer required

Available in English and German

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When you want to show your awesome photos from your recent vacation but there are just too many, you can either sort through them and heavy-heartedly decide which ones to toss aside...

... or you show them all - with a Still Motion Video.

Glimpses creates Still Motion Videos.

Show and share your video in just a few clicks.

Import photos from your Photos library, your hard drive, Flickr or Instagram,

add one or more soundtracks and you’re done.

Glimpses figures out the rest for you - if and when to fade out the soundtrack,

how to position photos so faces aren’t out-of-frame,

or what resolution your video should be in.

It’s just that easy.

Simple. Yet Powerful.

While Glimpses is designed for ease of use,

it’s you who has control.

- Pick your favorite part of a soundtrack and loop it;

- order your photos randomly, by date, title

or color for a nice, subtle gradient effect;

- eliminate pillar- and letter boxes around your photos or show them in full...

...and more!

A fun, novel way to tell your story.

Still Motion Videos show photos in rapid succession, usually for the fraction of a second.

Mix that with a soundtrack, and you can make your video action-packed and powerful

or mellow and soothing.

Or both.

Glimpses has been Featured on the Mac App Store

under “Best New Apps”

Touch Bar.

Glimpses offers deep Touch Bar integration, so you can do various tasks without ever leaving your keyboard.

Right from the Touch Bar, you can import photos from flickr or Instagram, QuickLook photos (and scrub through them) and edit your projects settings.