Because Stacks don't go deep

Leopard took it away, HierarchicalDock brings it back. With unique features even Apple wouldn't think of implementing.

Hierarchy at its best.
Everything you'd expect, and more.
You can see the number of items inside subfolders and even the color labels you assigned in the Finder.
Embracing Leopard.
HierarchicalDock brings you QuickLook previews to your folder hierarchy. This makes for much better orientation and helps you find the file you want quicker than ever.

You can even access QuickLook windows right from those menus.
Built to please.
Like all our other software, it leaves all the decisions to you.
Pricing and availability.
HierarchicalDock is donationware, which means it's free. However, if you like it, we would very much appreciate if you considered making a donation.
HierarchicalDock can be downloaded here, it requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher (Universal Binary).